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U.S. Department of LaborEmployment and Training Administration

Grant Program: Strengthening Community Colleges Training Programs (SCC3)

Geographic Area Targeted


Search Process Keywords


Higher Education

Workforce Preparation & Job Readiness

Link to Funding Announcement

Application Due Date

October 14, 2022

Grant Award Range

$1,500,000 to $5,000,000

Expected Number of Awards


Eligible Applicants

The definition of Qualified Institution remains the same for SCC3 applicants as for SCC2 applicants. Specifically, institutions can use either the FY 2021 Eligibility Matrix or the FY 2022 Eligibility Matrix to be deemed a Qualified Institution, per the guidelines in Section III.A.3. Guidance about the Required Letter and Eligibility Matrix is amended as follows: Required Letter and Eligibility Matrix: For the purpose of identifying Qualified Institutions for this Announcement, applicants must provide, as an attachment, a letter from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE), labeled “Letter Identifying Eligibility from the U.S. Department of Education.” This letter verifies an institution’s eligibility under Titles III and V and can be downloaded (for FY 2022) by institutions with existing accounts or requested from OPE directly. Eligibility must be for FY 2021 or FY 2022.

Applicants that are unable to obtain a copy of their FY 2021 or FY 2022 eligibility letter from OPE must submit, to verify eligibility, a letter from their institution stating which Eligibility Matrix at includes their institution. At their option, applicants may provide the line number indicating where their institution is located in the matrix (for FY 2021) or the tab and line number (for FY 2022). The letter must be provided as an attachment labeled “Qualified Institution Eligibility Letter.”

For FY 2021, DOL will consider those institutions that receive a ‘Yes’ designation in the column labeled “Eligible/Current Grantee” (column “AL”) on the Eligibility Matrix 2021 to be a Qualified Institution for this Announcement, and those same institutions should be able to provide the eligibility letter previously sent from OPE. The FY2022 eligibility matrix uses a different format than prior years and does not include institutions who were not deemed eligible or a current grantee. Thus, DOL will consider those institutions that appear anywhere in the Eligibility Matrix for FY 2022 to be a Qualified Institution for this Announcement, and those same institutions should be able to provide the eligibility letter from OPE.

Overview of Funding

Two types of funding for this training initiative are available through this Announcement: SCC3 Program Grants and Additional SCC3 Evaluation Funding.

• The Department anticipates that approximately $45 million of the $50 million total will be available to fund SCC3 Program Grants including an up to $5 million set aside to award at least one affinity-focused consortium grant.

• Additionally, up to $5 million of the $50 million total available will be set aside for Additional SCC3 Evaluation Funding, to award additional evaluation funding to 2-4 competitive applicants who have been awarded SCC3 Program Grants and have demonstrated justification for additional support to carry out an impact, outcomes, or behavioral interventions study.

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